Looking for some privacy in your vehicle? Are your leather seats getting a little hot in the summer? Are your fabrics fading in your home?

Then why not have your windows tinted?

  • Blocks up to 59% Heat
  • Blocks 99% UV Rays
  • Practically eliminate fading
  • Maintenance Free

Here are JAG Signs we can tint all kinds of glass, from cars to coaches to conservatories.

We can tint your vehicle windows at a fraction of the price that vehicle manufacturers charge.

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Various Tints Available

We offer various shades and styles of window tints and are graded by light passage. The darkest being 5% light passage (limo tint), then stepping up to 20% (our most popular tint) and then up to 40% and then 50%. We also offer graduated tints. Shown here is a 20% tint. We recommend 20% on all rear windscreens as 5% (limo) tint creates visibilty issues when reversing at night.

Image 2
Tints From The Interior

Shown here is the same vehicle above from the inside of the glass. As you can see that due to the curvature of vehicle glass tints look much darker from the outside than they do from looking out. This provides added privacy without a loss in visibility. We have samples of all tints available for veiwing and you desired grade of tint can be chosen on the day.

Due to new VOSA legislation we are no longer able to tint the front windows on any vehicle. The legislation states that light passage on the drivers and passenger windows must be 75% and quite frankly a 75% tint would be almost unoticable and therefore a waste of your money.

We use only quality branded tinting films to ensure easy removal so if theres ever a need to remove the tint then you will not be left with lots of messy glue to clean off!

If you would like a window tinting quotation then please get in touch. All we need to know is your make and model of vehicle along with the year of manufacture (or registration number).

To see a small selection of the vehicles already tinted click here

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