Using our CNC machine router we can route or engrave almost any substrate up to 45mm thick. These substrates include wood, dibond, aluminium, avonite, corian, wood, foam, acrylic, brass and slate.

We also manufacture 3D built up letters for illuminated and non illuminated projects. We can route and engrave plaques for house signs and manufacture key fobs and door plaques for hotels.

We also offer a pinfixing service on all routed lettering and we are able to infill and stain your project if required.

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Wood Engraving, Infilling & Staining

Perfect for more traditional signage and companies looking for an upmarket, rustic look. Shown here is a bespoke Iroco freestanding sign routed, infilled and stained as part of a lottery funded project.

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Raised Acrylic Lettering

A cost effective way of adding a 3D look to your signage is to have cut acrylic lettering and logos routed and bonded onto the face of your signage. We can also cut lettering from dibond, avonite, corian, stainless steel, foam and mdf.

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Pinfixed Lettering

If you would prefer to have cut lettering mounted straight onto your fascia then pinfixed lettering is an excellent option. As with raised lettering there are a variety of substrates we can use to create the desired effect. Shown here is routed corian pinfixed onto brickwork.

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3D Built Up Letters

3D built up lettering is the most professional way to give your signage the edge over your competitors. Incredibly popular with high street stores and larger companies we can manufacture 3D lettering bespoke to your requirements. We can also infill the 3D lettering with LEDs for illuminated effects. For more information please request a free catalogue.

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Avonite House Signs

Looking for a bespoke upmarket gift? Why not treat yourself or a loved one to a 3D engraved avonite house sign? Avonite is a glittery slate style material that is perfect for routing and engraving. Avonite house signs can be manufactured at any size and in any design and come infilled in any colour.

We use our router for many of our signage projects as more and more companies are looking to add some dimension to their signage.

If you have a project that requires routing then get in touch for more information and a free quotation.

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